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Our company

It isn't easy to define who exactly is behind the work you can observe on the pages of our website and that you can appreciate while using one of the products localised by us. Oku Studio is a structure which has operated in a multimedia environment for several years and is made up of a large number of experts in the various fields involved. Its specialities are cultural localisations, in other words the translations and adaptations of each part of a multimedia product, be it text, graphics or sound. Oku Studio is also ahead of its time on the Web and boasts a strong presence in the Italian multimedia and videogames publishing sector.

The care we take in our products
Our motto is "We localise what others can't translate". Our philosophy is to succeed where others fail. Our attention to every detail of the development of any multimedia product amounts nearly to an obsession: translators, graphic and dubbing artists, singers and programmers all work hard to ensure that every part of the job is perfect. When we localise a product, we rely on field-specific experts and our own resources so that, if possible, the localised product be even better than the original product.

Cultural analysis
Every cultural element is analysed and adapted if necessary. The code is studied closely to make the most of its potential. When necessary, graphics are recreated in the same style as the original so as to offer a product which doesn't merely appear translated but rather developed directly in our own language. Dubbings reflects the originals and, where possible, are re-elaborated to use voice tones more in keeping with Italian ones. Songs are always sung by professionals, often from the world of showbusiness. Our cultural localisations do not fear rivals at European level, so much that modules which we have developed specially for Europe are often reused by the producers and supplied to localisers from other countries. In addition, products localised by us are used in Italian schools abroad for the study of our language.

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