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Work methods

Demos can often determine the success of a product. It is no secret that a good advertising campaign, together with appropriate newspaper coverage, can launch a mediocre product even more than an interesting product badly advertised. For some time now, Oku Studio has been producing demos capable of praising a product's characteristics while, at the same time, entertaining its audience. The keyword is "interactivity". Demos don't merely show products through the photographs on their packaging. Instead, they incorporate technologies which allow the audience automatically to see and listen to audiovisual descriptions of every part of the product.

The purpose of a catalogue is to provide information about a business and to give potential and existing clients the desired impression of that business. However, as we at Oku Studio know well, there are many types of catalogues. There are image based catalogues, which aim at impressing and developing enthusiasm in their audience. There are institutional catalogues, aimed at informing their audience about the company, its staff structure and the fields in which it operates. Lastly, there are commercial catalogues, which are price lists in electronic form. Before preparing a catalogue, therefore, it is necessary to identify what message one wants to convey and how it should be communicated, in order to target the correct audience with the most appropriate message. Therefore, Oku Studio graphic artists, musicians, audio technicians and copywriters work closely with their technicians to produce functional, original and intelligent catalogues, which are also pleasing to the eye.

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