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Welcome to the Oku Studio website

Oku Studio is the leading agency for cultural localisations. It has been operating for years in the Internet sector and every month works on various IT and videogame magazines, including Italian Telemontecarlo's teletext videogames service. Find out more about our services by choosing your particular area of interest.

Localisations and Translations
Oku Studio is specialised in producing cultural localisations and translations. Every year, it has the pleasure and the honour of localising the most demanding products from the point of view of adaptation to the local Italian market and of working for the most prestigious distributors. The Oku Studio localisations are also the pride of producers, who are sure of offering their products to the Italian market at the height of their worth.

Manual Production
A good product can be recognised even from its manual. For this reason, Oku Studio provides a trustworthy and precise manual production service which includes both the translation of existing manuals and the creation of new ones from scratch.

Quality Control
Accurate localisation isn't always easy to obtain. On the other hand, however, bad localisations can jeopardise the successful sale of a product. Oku Studio has always aimed for extremely high standards of quality and, therefore, has placed the expertise of its staff at the disposal of clients who have commissioned localisations, in order to evaluate the quality obtained.

Demos and Catalogues
Demos and catalogues can often determine the success of a product or a line of products. For some time now, Oku Studio has been producing demos and catalogues capable of praising a product's characteristics while, at the same time, entertaining its audience, even on the Internet.

Every month, Oku Studio produces some of the most important magazines in the world of videogames and computers for the prestigious publisher Future Media. It even publishes electronic magazines: on page 631 of Telemontecarlo's teletext, in fact, one can find Multimedia World TV, the first television magazine completely dedicated to the world of videogames and multimedia.

Internet Sites: New Frontiers
As far as the Internet is concerned, we are capable of creating the most cutting-edge projects and numerous solutions for electronic commerce and corporate sites. We have a solution to all needs.

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