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Accurate localisation isn't always easy to obtain. It isn't merely a question of translating texts literally from one language to another. On the other hand, however, bad localisations can jeopardise the successful sale of a product. Oku Studio has always aimed for extremely high standards of quality and, therefore, has made the expertise of its staff available to clients who have commissioned localisations, in order to evaluate the quality obtained. Thanks to a vast mother tongue team, we can study and evaluate localisations in many languages, report problems encountered, suggest changes and even handle corrections. Oku Studio can analyse products which have already been distributed and those still at localisation stage, suggesting and, if required, making the necessary changes. We can supply quality control services for any translation or localisation, both in multimedia format and on paper. The above is a complex procedure made up of numerous steps. Please browse throught them in How we test the products.

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